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Commercial & Residential Drainage and Earthworks Services Throughout the Waikato

Our team and fleet can manage any jobs, big and small. If you're a commercial client developing a subdivision, our council-certified operations can ensure excavation and connection to council water mains without hassle. If you're after residential drainage, we offer a competitive rate and do a great job every time.


As qualified drain layers, we offer a multitude of drainage solutions from sewer and storm water systems, through to water tanks of any size, catch pits to sewer mains, and everything else in between. After an initial client conversation, we inspect the site and work out the best drainage solution for you, making sure we complete the job to the highest standard.

Council Assets

Our experienced drain layers have a high level of health and safety, and this has allowed us to become accredited contractors for Waipa Council and the surrounding districts, meaning we are able to provide earthworks solutions and repairs to regional council assets. For example, if you're developing a subdivision, we have the qualifications and ability to connect to council mains, including any work outside the residential boundary and across the community and general public areas.


Having worked across several subdivisions, we have a complete understanding of all aspects pertaining to these projects. Shifting large volumes of fill, installing new storm water sewers, water mains, tapping into existing council services, trenching of all power and services, forming roads & right of ways are second nature to us. These projects require comprehensive planning and following a process, something the team at CDE at excels in.

Site Clearing

The majority of designated sites we come across require a level of prep and attention to detail to get them ready for building or development. The first step is the removal of small vegetation such as bushes and shrubs, creating a safe space for us to remove larger vegetation. Tree removal can be a dangerous process, but by trimming branches and leaving only the stumps we mitigate some of that risk. Following this, we remove the stumps and then finally the roots. It is vital we remove all decaying material as this can create an unstable building platform and major issues further down the line.

Once a site is clear and level, it is ready for purpose. The team then get stuck into what ever work is required for our customers.


Earth excavations generally start with the removal of top soil, old concrete, decaying matter or rock that could make the soil compressible and cause difficulty bearing structural loads. Some of the other excavation work we cover includes: trenching, roading, cut and fill. All of this work is completed by highly experienced operators who are very capable of working on a variety of heavy machinery and are adaptive to many situations to suit our customer's needs.

Site Works

We can prepare anything from house pads, carparks, driveways, foundation work, right-of-ways, curbs and channels, levelling and boxing. With a great team, we stay committed to delivering fantastic service every time. We follow procedures recommended by qualified engineers to form a solid foundation to suit our customers intended purpose. We also prepare service trenches, trenching for foundations and prepare slabs ready for construction.


As an essential part of any residential or commercial project, driveways are made in stages. First we focus on making sure the sub base is solid enough to build a road on, then we develop the layers of either metal or sand depending on what is required. Once it is as the correct height and compacted to our finish level, we trim off the driveway; ready for either ash fault, chip seal or a desired concrete. We always make sure they are finished to perfection.

Purpose-Tailored Drainage & Excavation Work - Get in Touch

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